Building Your Professional Brand From Day One: Second Step

brand building your professional brand career Jul 25, 2022

Second Step - Pinpoint Your unique Value Proposition

Welcome back for another week of ‘Building Your Professional Brand From Day One’. Today, I will be going over the second step, pinpointing your unique value proposition. This step requires you to think about the strengths, skills, and talents you possess. You need to be able to show that you are unique by what you can bring to the table. Let them know ways you can benefit their program, business, organization, etc. that may differ from other candidates.

Experience, networks, and credentials can set you apart and help you stand out!

Do your research before meeting with employers. You need to know who you are marketing yourself to and what they are looking for to ensure you fit the role, but also that they fit for you! How are you able to solve their problem, and do you have the tools to meet their needs?

Make them aware of what differentiates you from others and why you are unique.

Remember, everyone has their own perceptions of you, so they may not view you how you see yourself. Think about what they may know about you from what they are able to read, view on social media, and hear from others. These factors will all influence how everyone else perceives you.

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