Whether you are just starting out, looking to dip your toes in TV,
or have a goal of becoming a media spokesperson, this mini e-course
will help you confidently and successfully take YOUR next steps.

This course provides 6 CPEs for Registered Dietitians.


Want To Elevate Your
Media Presence?

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The Steps to Pitch like a Pro

Elevate your pitching game with expert insights. Understand the nuances between editorial and sponsored pitches, craft compelling pitches that stand out, and learn the etiquette and best practices for successful pitches
that grab media attention.


Navigating the Business Side of Producers and TV Stations

Unlock the secrets of working with TV stations and building relationships with producers. Dive into the world of TV production timelines and gain valuable insights into the business aspects that can make or break your media career.


From Idea to Air: Crafting a TV Segment Script

Go from idea to polished TV segment script effortlessly. Learn to outline your segment, create a logical flow with Message Maps, and provide relevant information and context to engage and inform your audience effectively.


Tech Essentials for Media Success

Master the technical side of media with ease. Set up your virtual workspace, discover in-studio tips and tricks, select the right equipment and software, and troubleshoot common tech issues. Get ready for a seamless media performance.


Building Partnerships with PR Companies and Brands

Unlock the potential of PR partnerships for media exposure and navigate collaborations with brands like a pro. Explore the dos and don'ts of building win-win partnerships that boost your media presence.


Pricing Your Services and Monetization Strategies

Navigate the world of pricing your media services confidently. Learn effective pricing strategies tailored to different media work, sharpen your negotiation skills, and explore various monetization avenues for sustainable success.


The Art of Set Styling and Creating Visual Impact

Transform your media sets into captivating visual experiences. Harness the power of set styling, create visually stunning environments, and discover budget-friendly tips to make your on-screen presence truly shine.


Mastering On Camera Skills

Banish stage fright and hone your on-camera skills. Prepare thoroughly for appearances, master body language and non-verbal communication, and gain the confidence to perform flawlessly on camera.


How to Give Your Name Credibility

Boost your name's credibility in your niche with effective self-promotion strategies. Learn how to leverage social media and online platforms to enhance your authority and make your mark in the media landscape.


Navigating the Media Spotlight: Dos and Don'ts for Success

Steer your media journey with expert guidance. Discover the crucial dos and don'ts for success in the media spotlight, ensuring that every appearance and opportunity maximizes your impact and influence.



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  1. Are you looking to elevate your media presence and enhance your career
    as a registered dietitian?
  2. Do you want to master the art of effective pitching and communication in the media world?
  3. Are you ready to build strong partnerships, learn how to price your services strategically, and promote your expertise effectively?

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Media Game?

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Meet Amy Goodson 


I’m a registered and licensed dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. My business focuses on nutrition communications and sports nutrition. With a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in sports nutrition, I am passionate about marrying the two together to provide quality, science-based nutrition through speaking, media, writing, and consulting, in addition to creating education resources and courses for dietetic interns and new or transitioning registered dietitians to start, grow, and launch their dream careers.


Pitch, Prepare, Perform:
The 10 P's to Media Success

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