The RD Career Jumpstart Leadership & Communications Workshop meets 16 CRDN competencies!

It includes hand-on workshop activities and a supplemental workbook
to further enhance competency achievement.


Looking to host or provide a workshop?

Are you looking to enhance your students' and interns' professional development skills? The RD Career Jumpstart Leadership & Communications Workshops are designed to elevate your interns’ potential, help them lay a solid foundation, as well as meet all ACEND Domain 5 Accreditation Standards, in addition to eight other competencies. Learn more about the workshop here! 


This workshop is designed to elevate an intern's professional potential and:

  • Meet all ACEND Domain 5 Accreditation Standards
  • Identify key launch points necessary for a successful dietetics future
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Teach strategic communication tips and techniques
  • Help develop leadership and professional skills
  • Pinpoint the steps to prepare a professional development plan 
  • Advocate for opportunities in professional settings
  • Recognize the importance of professional involvement
  • Expand career potential through volunteer and work opportunities
  • Provide hands-on learning exercises
  • Strengthen competencies with supplemental workbook

Yes, It Includes All of This!

Help your interns enhance their potential, grow their skills and ultimately launch their dream career!


Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Develop professional, strategic communication skills
  • Develop and demonstrate an elevator pitch
  • Prepare a plan to optimize skills for a job search, application, interview, and negotiation
  • Create next steps to enhance leadership and professional skills
  • Design goals for networking, finding a mentor and becoming professionally involved for the immediate future
  • Create a plan for professional influence
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a professional presentation
  • Develop a professional communication piece (writing and speaking)
  • Demonstrate the bridging skill in communications 
Download the Dietetic Intern Course Map (CRDNs)
Download the Dietetic Students Course Map (KRDNs)

A Workshop that Works for You

This one-day workshop allows you, the internship director, to sit back and allow Expert Communicator and Registered Dietitian Amy Goodson to teach, coach and train your students and interns. As an adjunct professor, dietitian educator, public speaker, writer and media spokesperson, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help expand your students' and interns' skills and abilities.

What's your role?

  • Schedule a workshop
  • Decide if program-funded or student-funded
  • Determine the workshop location
  • Market to students and interns
  • Participate as much or as little as you'd like on workshop day

What's Included In The Workshop...


Strategic Communication:
Knowing What to Say and How to Say It

This module teaches the tips and strategies of communicating effectively to help a young dietetic intern or RDN excel. Learning to communicate strategically is essential to maximize career potential. 



How to Get Your Foot in the Door:
Reaching Out, Interviewing and Follow-Up

This module teaches dietetic interns and RDNs the tips and skills to get the job they want. It advises on the job application process, mastering what to say and how to say it to negotiating a salary.


Expand Your Career Potential Through Leadership and Gaining Experience

This module teaches leadership and professionalism skills to help maximize career success. It also advises in all areas to gain experience while embarking upon the first years of a dietetic career.


Launch Your Career Through Networking and Professional Involvement

This module teaches the ins and outs of successful, strategic networking, as well as where to get involved and how to do it. The door to the next opportunity is often through your next connection.


Enhance Your Influence Through Speaking, Media, and Writing

This module provides tips and practical steps to become an influencer while using the skills of public speaking, writing, media, and social media to positively impact career potential.


BONUS: Build Your Professional Brand from Day One

This module helps a young professional with the step-by-step brand development process to launch his/her career, or transition to a new field in dietetics, and make a lasting impact.


Take what you've learned and make it your own

Each module, live or on demand, is accompanied with a competency achievement activity for you to complete. Each activity will help further build and enhance your skill and confidence in the topic area.


Take it to the next level

To further your professional growth and polish your competency skills beyond the workshop, an optional, supplemental workbook will be provided for you to work through at your own pace. It contains additional activities for each module topic.


Download the Dietetic Intern Course Map (CRDNs)
Download the Dietetic Student Course Map (KRDNs)

Meet Amy Goodson 


I’m a registered and licensed dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. My business focuses on nutrition communications and sports nutrition. With a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in sports nutrition, I am passionate about marrying the two together to provide quality, science-based nutrition through speaking, media, writing and consulting, in addition to creating education resources and courses for dietetic interns and new or transitioning registered dietitians to start, grow and launch their dream careers.


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Student-Funded Program Details

Student-funded workshops require 25 paying attendees registered at least one week prior to the event. If occupancy is not met, the program can pay the remainder balance or cancel the event. Students will receive a full refund if cancelled.