Building Your Professional Brand From Day One: Third Step

brand building your professional brand career Aug 01, 2022

Third Step - Craft A Consistent Professional Brand

Welcome to week three of ‘Building Your Own Professional Brand’. This week I will cover step three which is crafting a consistent personal brand through all outlets.

Consistency is key. Your goal is for people to see you the same in all types of media. This is helpful for consumers to easily identify who you are. All media outlets should remain consistent by having the same fonts, colors, and similar pictures.

Be yourself. Stay true to yourself and what you stand for by building a brand that you believe in and is authentically you. It is important not to imitate or be persuaded by others' image. Build a good image around yourself as if you were the CEO of your own company. When promoting your brand through social media, include information about who you are and let your personality shine through!

Social media etiquette. This is important to keeping your brand credible. Remember that anyone is able to see the information you put out there, so make sure you and your information are valid. Along with the information posted, be sure to keep comments and pictures respectful and appropriate.

When networking, follow people who you aspire to be and engage with their posts. Creating websites, blogs, email signatures, and business cards are a great way to promote your brand and make people more aware of who you are.

Missed a step? Here's step 1 and 2.


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