Building Your Professional Brand From Day One: Fourth Step

brand building your professional brand career Aug 08, 2022

Fourth Step - Ask Questions and Get Critiques

Asking questions and getting criticism from others is important when building your professional brand. I get it, having others check your work can oftentimes be scary, but it is necessary to get different perspectives, making sure your message is clear, and ensuring the information is credible.

Well, who do I ask? Utilizing your peers and colleagues can be more comfortable to start with as many of them have also had to do the same. The good thing is that you already have a relationship with them so it may be easier for you both to be more open and honest with one another.

Resources, such as LinkedIn, can also be a great way to connect and market your brand. Have colleagues and professionals endorse your skills to help grow your page so you stick out to others. Ask them to review your work as well. A fresh set of eyes who are not too familiar with your brand can be good for having another perspective.

Being open to criticism is essential for improvement as others may perceive things differently than you do. Those more experienced than you can provide great insight into your brand as they more than likely have done and seen this stuff time and time again. You can only get better by challenging yourself, so be open to feedback!

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