Building Your Professional Brand From Day One: Fifth Step

brand building your professional brand career Aug 15, 2022

Fifth Step - Develop a Brand Statement

This is the final week of ‘Building Your Professional Brand From Day One’. The fifth and last step is to develop a brand statement. This consists of a short, 1-2 sentence description of who you are! Showcase your skills and strengths, your unique personality and attitude, and your personal experiences and knowledge.

This shouldn’t be a long paragraph, but rather a simplified summary that really catches the attention of others. Share your values and what you have to offer so others are able to quickly and easily identify you. Keep it interesting and catchy by using taglines or catchphrases. Let your true self and your personality shine through!

Who are you? What unique qualities do you possess? What are your goals? Think about everything we have already covered in ‘Building Your Personal Brand’ and what you have found out about yourself through this process. Utilize all of these steps into creating your own personal brand statement.

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